Thursday, September 30, 2010


Last weekend a picture of our 7:30 am park date!  Justin and William had a blast together!  William just loves the park and he is a little mover now!  But, lately we have been stuck inside because of this yucky weather.   Below are some of my favorite pictures from the past week and a half.  Enjoy!  Oh, by the way William is walking!  No good pictures of that just yet!  Hopefully soon:)
 William absolutely loves corn!

 We're a climber!
 Sorting his clothes!!!
 Playing with daddy.... look at those eyes!
 So tired!  Watching the Backyardigans....  man he loves them:)
 William colored his first picture! 
I was anxious to find something to pass sometime during the rainy days. 
We tried coloring and he seemed to enjoy it....  Well you will see below:)

Eating the crayons was the best part!

 Final Product
By: Mommy, Daddy and William! 
It was a group effort!

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