Friday, November 5, 2010


Well- This was William's face most of Halloween! 
 He had a blast people watching during the parade and trick-or-treating at all the stores on Washington Street. We did get a few smiles later when we were not around too many people and when it was a bit calmer!  But, we just love this picture below.  We can't stop laughing when we look at it! 
 I just love this picture!

........and this is W's favorite toy lately-a  Phone! 
Go figure.  He pushes the buttons and then puts the phone to his ear and says *"Heyyyyyy!"  It's too cute and he loves it.  He will spend forever mumbling into the phone walking around the apartment.  I would love to be able to decode what exactly he is saying.   


Christy Parker said...

Oh my gosh Kristi - so adorable! Glad you had such a great halloween! Lots of love to you and your boys!

TBG said...

loooooooooove that 1st pic! what a cutie!

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